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Imaging Innovations

Enabling lucid, time-resolved visualization of physiological dynamics by devising new imaging strategies and signal processing algorithms.

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Investigative Tool Design

Engineering implementation solutions and test methods that are critical to clinical translation of next-generation ultrasound imaging techniques.

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Discoveries in Ultrasound Biophysics

Honing the therapeutic dimension of ultrasound by making key discoveries on sonoporation biophysics and wave-cell interactions.

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Cellular Bioeffect Investigations

Developing a proper account on downstream cellular behavior to boost our mechanistic understanding of therapeutic ultrasound.

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LITMUS is a vibrant research group with long-standing interest in tackling frontier problems in diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound.

Our Mission and Vision


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AIUM Fellowship

Nov 2019

Alfred is grateful to be named a Fellow of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). It is a huge honor. Proud to be a contributor to medical ultrasound. Thanks!

Call for new graduate students

Nov 2019

If you wish to engage in the next generation of innovations in ultrasonics, we could be a great home for your research training! Application deadline for Fall 2020 admission is January 15, 2020.

Billy -> Dr. Yiu from today onward

Aug 2019

Well done, Dr. Billy Yiu! What an amazing performance he has had today at his PhD defense. The committee was highly impressed by his wide range of accomplishments. Totally nailed it! Congrats!

LITMUS to host CREATE program

Jul 2019

Our lab will be leading an NSERC-funded multidisciplinary research platform specializing in next-generation innovations in ultrasonics. Join N-GENIUS! This will be a great home to develop your research credentials.

ASA Best Student Paper Award

May 2019

At the 2019 Acoustical Society of America Spring Meeting held in Louisville, Billy Yiu has won 1st place in the Biomedical Acoustics Best Student Paper Competition. What an excellent achievement! Congrats and well done!


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Indulgence in Flow Phantoms

Jul 2019

Want to join our fun on designing flow phantoms? We have built walled phantoms of urethra, carotid bifurcation, and vessels with regional stiffness variations, as well as wall-less phantoms with omnidirectional flow and patient-specific geometries.

Cellular Bioeffect Investigation Protocol

Jun 2019

Our best practices in designing platforms to study the cellular bioeffects of LIPUS and sonoporation have now been published. Feel free to build similar platforms to study bioeffects such as ER stress, morphological repression, and cell-cycle arrest.

Doppler Ultrasound Bandwidth Imaging

May 2019

Ever wondered if flow instability can be visualized in flow diagnostics? Our new DUBI technique may provide an answer. It can track unstable flow at 10,000 fps. This is another imaging innovation after our previous success with VPI and CESI.

Open-Platform Ultrasound Scanner

Jan 2019

Our 2nd-gen high-frame-rate imaging platform is now ready! This software-based platform, with live imaging functionality that our 1st-gen platform didn't have, was done in collaboration with US4US in Poland. It has uniquely integrated our GPU innovations and our CESI technique.

The Classic: Adaptive Clutter Filtering

May 2018

Our classic work in eigen-based and SVD-based clutter filters has become very hot in ultrasound flow imaging. We have recently devised GPU-based eigen-filter algorithms and have conducted an ROC analysis on these adaptive filters.


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