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Imaging Innovations

Enabling lucid, time-resolved visualization of physiological dynamics by devising new imaging strategies and signal processing algorithms.

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Investigative Tool Design

Engineering implementation solutions and test methods that are critical to clinical translation of next-generation ultrasound imaging techniques.

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Discoveries in Ultrasound Biophysics

Honing the therapeutic dimension of ultrasound by making key discoveries on sonoporation biophysics and wave-cell interactions.

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Cellular Bioeffect Investigations

Developing a proper account on downstream cellular behavior to boost our mechanistic understanding of therapeutic ultrasound.

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LITMUS is a vibrant research group with long-standing interest in tackling frontier problems in diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound.

Our mission & vision


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Congrats to Takuro’s JSPS Fellowship!

Apr 2018

Congratulations to Takuro Ishii, who has been successful in obtaining a prestigious JSPS Overseas Research Fellowship to pave his road towards becoming an independent researcher within the next few years. Fantastic news!

Call for new graduate students

Jan 2018

Our lab plans to recruit another few graduate students in 2019. Application deadline for Fall 2019 admission is January 7, 2019. If you are familiar with ultrasound, we could be a great home for your research training!

Congrats to Jason’s CIHR Fellowship!

Oct 2017

Warm congratulations to Jason Au for his success in obtaining a prestigious CIHR Fellowship to pursue postdoctoral research with us. Well done!


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Live ultrasound color encoded speckle imaging platform for real-time complex flow visualization in vivo

IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 66(4), 656-669, 2019.

High frame rate Doppler ultrasound bandwidth imaging for flow instability mapping

Medical Physics, 46(4), 1620-1633, 2019.

Effects of ultrasound pulse parameters on cavitation properties of the flowing microbubbles under physiologically relevant conditions

Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2019; in-press.


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