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At the Laboratory on Innovative Technology in Medical UltraSound (), we seek to harness the vast innovation space in ultrasonics to pioneer new biomedical solutions for addressing unmet clinical needs.

Who are we?

LITMUS is a vibrant research group with long-standing interest in tackling frontier problems in diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound. Founded and led by Prof. Alfred Yu, the group is based at the Schlegel Research Institute for Aging at the University of Waterloo. We play a key role as a technology innovator among an interdisciplinary team of health researchers and physicians.

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What do we do?

Everyday we work at the interface between ultrasonics, medicine, and biology. We have a rich lab culture that places equal emphasis on need-driven innovations and inquiry-driven discoveries. We deem that, to rationally leverage ultrasonics principles in biomedicine, it is imperative to establish a strong multi-disciplinary focus and integrate it with bold creativity.

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Interested in joining us?

Yes LITMUS is recruiting! We are a great intellectual home for highly motivated scholars.

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